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Video Poker Tips

Though most of the video poker games are based on five card poker, there are some basic differences between poker and video poker games. Unlike poker, video poker is not a table game. The game is played on a machine and does not involve any other players or dealers. Read more.

History of Video Poker

Video poker is one of the most entertaining and fun casino games. With the coming of the online video poker games, the fan base of the game has increased manifold because of the several advantages offered by the online versions. Now, the game can be easily found in the land based and online casinos. Read more.

About The Video Poker Game

A fun and exciting casino game is video poker. Just like slots, video poker is also played on a machine and does not involve other players. There are many similarities between video poker and slots but video poker also involves the rules of five card draw poker. Read more.

Tips for Playing Video Poker

The players today have several variations of video poker to choose from. Also the game can now be found in almost all the casinos, both the online and land based casinos. If the game can be played properly, it can prove to be very profitable. Read more.

Origin of video poker

One of the most popular and fun casino games is video poker. Video poker games can be found in both online casinos and land based casinos. The origin of video poker talks about how over the years slot machines and poker come together to give rise to this unique and fun game. Read more.

About The Video Poker Machine

Video poker is one of the most fun and popular casino games. From the time of its invention, the game has undergone several modifications. In the present day you can find the game in almost all the casinos “ both online and land based. Read more.

Types of Video Poker

Video poker is fun and refreshing. If you are interested to play, you can easily find the game in any of the land based casinos or online casinos. It was during the 1980s that the game began to increasing popularity. There are several variations in a video poker game. Read more.