The Evolution of The Slots game

Most likely the first thing that comes to anyones mind when thinking about slots is the casinos in Las Vegas or Atlantic City with bright lights and ringing bells. However, the very first slots machines were very heavy and difficult to move around; they were made from heavy cast iron. In early 1900s, Charles Fey, in partnership with Mills Novelty company produced a new kind of lots machines, called the Liberty Bell, which was the first kind of the modern slots machines that is seen in the casinos now. Eventually more sophisticated slots machines came into the scene.

A lot of improvements were made to the earlier machines; they began to be made of lighter materials so that it was easier to move the machines. Also the heavy iron was replaced with lighter wooden cabinet, making transporting sots machines easier. Soon the games were made more interesting with the introduction of small themes like wildlife, celebrities etc.

However, in spite of the introduction of themes and making the games more colorful, the popularity of slots games went down as the people were looking for a more skill based and challenging games. But the wane in popularity was only temporary and soon the period after the great depression again saw a rise in popularity. Some changes also came about during this time which included the introduction of video slots and video poker in the casinos of major gambling hubs.

The 1960s saw the coming of the electro-mechanical lots machines. In these machines old system of internal springs and the levers were done away with and electrical components were introduced which made the gaming experience more interesting; the visual and audio effects were became more attractive. Since that time improvements are being continuously made to the slots machines.

Slots machines are always popular but with the coming of the online casinos, their popularity shot up manifold. With the advancement of technology and constant up-gradation and improvements made by the online casinos, the experience of playing slots in the online casinos is now equally exciting and thrilling. The online slots games are also available in different themes and variations like flowers, sports, pirates, angles, Egypt, celebrities, Hollywood, animals etc.

Whether you are playing slots games in your favorite land based casino or in the online casinos, you are sure to enjoy the games and with the coming of better technology, the process of evolution is continuously going on, trying to make the experience even better for the players.

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