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Scratch Cards

Lottery is not something new. Many people play lottery in the hopes of winning huge amount of money. One of the popular forms of lottery is the scratch cards. Many people also know them as scratch and win cards. In the scratch cards there is an opaque place under which certain numbers are hidden; the players simply have to scratch the opaque area to reveal the numbers. However, there are certain rules which have to be followed while playing this form of lottery.

Earlier, scratch cards have to be brought from different places or shops which kept lottery tickets. But with the advancement of technology and internet, scratch cards are now also available online. Because of their simplicity, the online scratch cards are popular among people of all ages. Also the results are instantaneous. In case of online scratch cards, the playing becomes much easier the player does not have to anything, they simply have to click the button and the computer itself reveals the numbers instantly without any waiting time.

Typically on the scratch cards the numbers are marked as 1X, 2X, 5X, 10X, 20X and 50X. If the 5X symbol appears times it indicates that the person has won 3 times the betting amount. Similarly if 50X appears 3 times the person will win 50 times the betting amount. How much will be the betting amount will depend on the person. The money won in scratch cards is not virtual but real amount. What the person has to make sure is that the symbol must appear three times for the person to win.

Results of online scratch cards are totally dependent on luck. The player does not need to have any specific skills or learn any skills to play the game. They can simply buy the cards and start playing instantly. Playing with scratch cards online is fun as the player simply has to click the button to reveal the results. Within seconds the results will be revealed and the person can know whether he has won or lost. Scratch cards have very few rules which the players need to remember.

Scratch cards are not like playing other card games like blackjack and poker. All the player needs to decide is on the amount he wants to bet; after that he can simply get the card and scratch it to reveal the numbers. Results of scratch cards cannot be predicted; whether or not the player will win will simply depend on lady luck.