Some Roulette Game Facts

The dealers start the roulette games by spinning the roulette wheel in one direction and then releasing the ball in the opposite direction. But in all the casinos offering roulette games, the standard custom is to keep the ball lying on a number slot while the dealer gives the first spin of the day to the roulette wheel. Usually this number corresponds to the date of the day. It is quite obvious that numbers like 0, 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36 are not considered for the custom.

The game begins with eight players placing their bets. When the wheel starts spinning, the players are required to predict the final resting place of the ball. Of course this is largely dependent on luck. Some players stick with one particular number believing it to be their lucky numbers. Some would play with the winning numbers. Some players would observe which numbers did not come up and would bet on them while others would bet on different numbers to make sure their chances of winning increases.

Since the game is played against the house and involves a number of probabilities, mathematicians have always tried to devise betting systems to beat the house advantage. Some of the betting systems that had been developed over the years are Martingale betting strategy, the Labouchere system, the DAlembert system. Since roulette is played by the members of the rich and elite class, the winning amount is often high. And this in turn has attracted many gamblers worldwide to exploit the roulette games.

There are some etiquette practices that are to be followed in a game of roulette. For example, the players are required to place their chips and not just toss them on the board. In case a player finds it difficult to reach the far end of the table, he or she can tell his bet to the croupier. The players are not allowed to have their food on the roulette table. They can however smoke or drink during the course of the game. To make sure that transparency is maintained during the roulette games, the use of electronic gadgets like cell phones, cameras, camcorders are prohibited.

The higher house edge which is 5.26% in case of the American roulette makes it less possible for the players to win big. On the other hand, the lower house edge which is 2.7% in case of European roulette makes it easier for the players to win the game. But then both versions of the roulette games are popular nonetheless.