Common Rules of Etiquette at the Roulette Table

When you start playing the game of roulette, you see other players playing at the same table. It is but obvious that you need to follow some rules so that you don’t disturb them as well as the croupier. Hence, it is important to know the common rules of etiquette when you are at the roulette table.

First of all, dont barge into a full table when a game is already on. Wait for one of the existing players to leave the table and then take your spot. If there are two of you waiting for a single spot, it is better to negotiate outside the table to decide who gets to join the table first.

There are other players at the table and you should always be respectful of their presence. Hence, even when you are on a winning streak, dont go wild with jubilation. Remember you are not competing against your fellow players at the table but against the casino. Dont argue with the croupier or the other players and play the game in peace.

Keep a tab on your own roulette chips. It is common in roulette that players are given individual colored chips so that the chips are not misplaced or you dont mistake others chips as yours. Know the color of your chips and don’t create a ruckus at the table. Don’t knock over the chips of the other players. This is deemed as showing disrespect to them.

Remember that the croupier is the one that runs the table and you should follow the rules they set. When the croupier announces – no more bets – and till the time the wheel comes to a complete standstill, don’t even try touching your chips. You are not allowed to do this. If you try something like you may be considered a cheat and expelled from the table.

Finally, you should tip the croupier when you win. This is common practice. Tips are also given when the croupier takes time to explain some of the rules or pushes your chips toward you. Some of the casinos state that you are not allowed to tip the croupier. Respect this mandate.

Roulette is a game that you should enjoy. There is mostly luck involved in this game and you shouldn’t be blaming anyone if you lose. On the other hand, if you win, don’t make a fool of yourself by jumping up and down.

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