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Video Poker Tips

Though most of the video poker games are based on five card poker, there are some basic differences between poker and video poker games. Unlike poker, video poker is not a table game. The game is played on a machine and does not involve any other players or dealers. Also, though not as serious as poker games, video poker also involves certain amount of planning and strategizing in order to be successful in the game. For different kinds of video poker games there are specific strategies however, in order to play the game successfully, the players can also try out some of the basic video poker tips.

When playing video poker, it is always advisable to play the games which have greater winning percentages. For instance if the player has the option to either opt for a game which pays out for pair of Jacks or in which the player needs to have to pairs or three of a kind in order to win, it is wiser to go for the first option. The chances of getting a pair or two of a kind is comparatively lower than Jacks or Better. Another important tip which all video poker players must keep in mind is never to break a winning hand. For instance if the player has AD, AH, KH, QH and 5D, he only needs to get JH and 10H to score a Royal Flush.

Before playing video poker reading the payout table is a must. The payout tables can be found on every video poker machine and the player should always go for one which offers the highest payouts. Also look out for bonus features, which are always an advantage.

When playing online look up the different online casinos offering the game before choosing one to invest your hard earned money. make sure the casino offers quality video poker game and has a good software provider.

Another important decision to make in video poker games is to learn which cards to hold on to and which should be exchanged. Though many people take resort to poker strategies in this case, it is also important to remember that there are certain differences between the two games. It is with practice, patience and experience that the players can make the correct decision. These tips many not guarantee a win but can definitely increase the chances of winning if incorporated properly.