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Origin of video poker

One of the most popular and fun casino games is video poker. Video poker games can be found in both online casinos and land based casinos. The origin of video poker talks about how over the years slot machines and poker come together to give rise to this unique and fun game.

The history of video poker can be traced back to the 1891 when a company, Sittman and Pitt in New York, invented a poker machine. The machine contained 5 drums which consisted of 10 different cards each. In order to play, the player had to put a nickel in the slot provided after which the 5 drums would display the cards which would make up the players hand. In those days these machines were mostly found in the bars and the prize would be in kind like free drinks or cigars. The early machines could only hold 50 cards; usually the tens of spade and jack of hearts were not included because of which the chances of hitting a “royal flush” were drastically reduced.

In 1898 Charles Fey, also known as Father of the Slot Machine, made some changes and created a machine which could pay cash prizes to the winners directly. The machine was known as Card Bell and could pay out up to 20 coins for royal flush. The original Card Bell machine can still be found in the Liberty Belle Saloon and Restaurant in Nevada. Fey is also credited with the “hold” feature in the game which in turn gave rise to several poker strategies. Even today, the “hold” feature is a crucial element in the video poker games.

The creation of the very first electronic video poker machine was in 1970 by a company called Dale Electronics. It was given the name “Poker-Matic”. Within a small san of time it became extremely popular and soon the different casinos in Las Vegas featured it.

Within a few years, in 1979, another company called SIRCOMA invented a new machine called Draw Poker. This new video poker machine had both the “hold” and “draw” features. In spite of the popularity of the “Poker-Matic”, Draw Poker soon began to dominate the market and started the era of modern video poker.

With the coming of online casinos, video poker was soon available online also. It was Microgaming who first developed the online video poker games. The evolution of video poker has not stopped here, with better technology, more advancement is sure to take place.

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