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Video Poker

Though the video poker machines looks somewhat like a slot machine, unlike slots games the video poker games are not based on luck. The video poker games require certain amount of skills. If video poker is played in a proper manner, they offer lesser house edge than slots machines. Over the last few years, the game in gaining increasing popularity among the casino goers as a result more and more casinos are incorporating the game into their gaming floor.

Initially when the game was first introduced to the world in the 1970s, Jacks or Better was the only version available. Now after all these years, the players can have a pick from amongst hundreds of video poker games. The game of video poker is basically inspired by draw poker and the rules are similar. But the basic difference is that in video poker the player is playing against the machine and the game involves no other person.

The players are dealt five cards by the machine which are displayed on the screen. The player can then have the option to draw other cards; they can draw a maximum of five cards. If the player wants to hold on to the existing cards the player has to push the “hold” button for the corresponding cards on the screen. In case the player changes the cards, the “deal” button has to be pushed which will replace the discarded cards by new cards.

After the player has decided on the cards, they have to press the “draw” button. The amount won will depend on the payout of the table. Usually in case of video poker the return from the game can be determined from the pay tables that are displayed usually in front of the video poker machines.

In most video poker game the combination of hands are made using a standard deck of cards. With the help of a specific number of combinations made with the cards in the game, the players can calculate the payout by taking in account how much the poker machine pays for the winning combinations.

One of the interesting facts about video poker is that with a standard deck of cards 2598960 types of hands can be made. All video poker machines make use of the Random Number Generator (RNG) which decides the probabilities for the different combination of hands. When playing video poker, it is very important that the machine with the highest return is chosen.