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Rules of the Game for Pai Gow

Perhaps the most popular and most played casino game of all times is poker; the game can be found in all casinos all over the world and also in all the online casinos. There are several variations of poker of which pai gow is an interesting one. Pai gow poker can trace its root back to hundreds of years ago in an ancient Chinese game. However it was only in the 1800s that the game reached US and became a known casino game several years later during the 1980s.

The rules of pai gow have undergone several changes over the years. In the modern version f pai gow, the main aim of the players is to form two poker hands such that they are able to beat the two hands of the dealer. Each player is dealt seven hands with which the two hands have to be formed. The major hand consists of 5 cards and the minor hand consists of the remaining two cards. A game of pai gow poker makes use of a full deck of standard 52 cards, including the joker card. In pai gow the banker is usually played by one of the players, however, some of the casinos do not have this option.

The players place their bets first, the betting happens in a clockwise direction starting from the dealer. After the betting is over, the cards are dealt so that each player gets 7 cards. The rest of the cards are also dealt in these slots which are not occupied by any player. After this the banker is chosen “ who will be chosen the banker, depends on the casino rules. The players then try to form the best major and minor hands with the available 7 cards. After arranging them, the players place them face down on the table and they are compared to the dealers hands.

If the player is able to beat both of the dealers hand then its a clear win and the player wins the stake. But if the player wins one hand and loses the other, the situation is called a push and money is not exchanged. However, in case of a tie, the dealer is in an advantageous position and usually wins all the ties. Beginners may find the game rules a little complicated when playing for the first time but with little patience, it is not very difficult to master it. Next time when going to the casinos, be sure to give pai gow a try.