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Pai Gow Poker

Pai gow poker can trace its roots back to the primordial Chinese game named pai gow. However, the modern casino version of pai gow is very different from the Chinese game that was played hundreds of years back. Pai gow gradually spread throughout the world and it was in the 1980s that it finally reached the shores of the United States of America. Over the period of time the rules of the game has undergone several changes.

In the modern casino version of pai gow poker, the main aim of the players is to make two hands so that he is able to beat the dealers hands. The players are dealt seven cards each out of which five of the cards can be used for making the major hand and the remaining two make up the minor hand. The other name for the major and minor hands are behind hand and front hand respectively. This form of poker usually makes use of a standard deck of 52 cards including the joker card.

Before anyone starts playing pai gow poker, it is very important to know the rules of the game well. For beginners, the rules may seem slightly difficult and complicated but with a little bit of patience and practice, it is not very difficult to learn. In pai gow poker the casinos charge a 5% commission on the winning amount and thereby makes its profits.

The dealer deals out the cards in such a way that seven piles of cards are formed; the rest of the cards are kept aside. The betting moves in a clockwise direction starting from the dealer. If both the minor and major hands of the player are able to beat the dealers hand then the player wins but in case of a tie, it is the dealer who is in an advantageous position.

For those who are tired and bored of the regular casino games like baccarat and poker, pai gow poker offers a refreshing change. Not only the game is exciting and thrilling but also a challenging one. In the present days pai gow poker can also be found in the online casinos and players can enjoy it form the comforts of their homes. The convenience and easy accessibility owing to the availability of the game in the online casinos has definitely proved to be advantageous as now more and more people are taking up this exciting game.