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Types of Bets in 3 Card Poker

One of the simplest forms of poker is 3 card poker. It is considered a good option for beginners; the rules of the game are similar to that of basic poker game. The game involves both luck and strategizing, however, unlike regular poker the players do not have to strategize to that extent in 3 card poker. Placing the bets in poker is an important decision. There are three kinds of bets in 3 card poker which the players can opt for. They are ante, play or raise and pair bet.

The most basic form of bet in a 3 card poker game is the ante. All players have to place this bet in the beginning of the game. It is only after this bet is placed that the players can get to see their cards.

Also known as raise, play bet is placed if the player wants to see the cards of the dealers hand. This bet is equal to the ante bet. The players get to see their cards before placing the play bet. If the player is not satisfied with his hand, the player can fold after seeing the dealers hand and not invest any more money in the game.

In case of the pair bet, the player has the option to place a bet in hopes of getting a better hand or pair. The pair bet can be of any amount and it has to be placed before the player sees the cards they are dealt by the dealer. If the player gets a better hand or pair, then he will get a bonus amount.

The winning amount depends on whether the dealers hand qualifies or not, i.e. whether the dealers hand consists of a queen or better hand. In case the dealers hand qualifies and the player beats him, the players bet and raise will be covered by the dealer. If money is placed on pair bet and the player gets a pair or a higher hand, then an extra bonus is paid in addition to the ante and raise bet. If money is placed on pair bet and the player gets a pair or a higher hand, but if the dealer beats the player, then also the player will get a bonus but will lose the ante and raise bet.

Whether playing 3 card poker in any online casino or in land based casino, the betting rules remains the same in all of them.

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