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3 card poker history

One of relatively new versions of poker is 3 card poker. In the present time the game is becoming increasingly popular among the player because of its simple and easy rules. There are no clear theories which say how the word poker came about; however, many of the poker experts say that it was influenced by a German word “pochen” which means to bluff or brag. Another group of gambling experts believes that it was inspired by a French game known as “poque”. Though both the theories are probable, it is not clear which one holds true.

3 card poker came into the casino scene only in the 1990s and is relatively new game. This game is highly influenced by a British card game known as brag. A couple of hundreds of years ago, a kind of betting game known as primero was very popular in Britain. Just like 3 card poker, primero was also played with three cards. Gradually, primero gave rise to another game known as post and pair. The game has several betting rounds and as the rounds became integral part of the game, braggers were introduced in the game. Braggers were wild card and consequently the game of the game was also changed to brag.

Apart from the above explanation, there are several other theories according to which roots of the game can be traced back to several decades. However, the invention of the current version of 3 card poker found in the casinos can be credited Derek Webb, a British poker player. According to the sayings, on his visit to America, Webb played the other existing variations of poker in Las Vegas but was not impressed by them; he found the games slow paced and boring which eventually give rise to 3 card poker. The game from which 3 card poker was inspired was initially known Brit Brag or Casino Brag; the name was later changed to a more simple 3 card poker. In the present time, the game can also be found in the online casinos.

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