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3 card poker tips

There are several different casino games like slots, card games, video poker, roulette and craps which the players can play. Some of the popular card games include poker, bridge, blackjack etc. of which poker is probably the most played game. This famous game has several interesting versions of which 3 card poker games are becoming increasingly popular.

The rules of 3 card poker are simple and easy and give the players a chance to win huge amount of money. Though it is a form of gamble and a luck based game, wins and losses cannot be predicted but knowing some important tips can surely increase the chances of winning.

When playing 3 card poker the best combination is a hand consisting of the queen, six and four. This is considered to be the best possible bet that the player can wager because in the combination the dealer only gets an edge of 2.01%. This means on every $100 bet the player only loses $2; this combination offers the players minimal losses.

The different tables have slightly different payouts. When playing it is advisable to choose those with high pay table as it increases the winning chances. Before sitting down to play the player should analyze the tables along with the payouts offered.

Though 3 card poker is a simple game with easy rules, in order to be successful the player needs to practice the game; it is not enough to know the rules, the player needs to practice to get accustomed to it and know the different tricks, strategies and remember the mistakes so as not to repeat them in the future.

The game can also be found in some of the online casinos. Playing in the online casinos has several advantages. The player can not only consistently win the games but at the same time not lose huge amounts. When playing online the players also have the advantage of getting bonuses and extra credits which can increase the wining amounts.

When playing 3 card poker, another important tip to keep in mind is clever and efficient money management. The player should only play with that amount which he can afford to lose, i.e. the risk money. Players should never risk money which will affect their finances severely. Money management is in fact important when playing any casino game.

Following these simple tips can effectively increase the chances of winning when playing three card poker, though a definite win cannot be guaranteed.