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3 Card Poker Strategy

Found in both the online casinos and land based casinos, 3 card poker is one of the most basic forms of poker. Amongst all the versions of poker, this is one of the fastest versions because of which the players not only win money very quickly but also end up losing money very quickly. If you want to play the game successfully and win a good amount of money, then the following strategies will come handy.

In this version of poker, there are 2 main ways in which one can win. The first way of winning is by getting a better hand compared to the dealer and the second way is by scoring a pair. For those who are not familiar with poker, 3 card poker is a good starting option as it is easier to learn than the other versions. Many of the players learn the rules and strategies of 3 card poker before moving on to the more complicated versions.

In 3 card poker the winning amount depends on the cards and how they are played. If you want to play good hands, good cards are needed and it is also very important to know when the player should fold and stay. If the player continues to keep the average cards, then it will be difficult to excel in the game. In poker playing safe is not always a good option, taking up risk can sometimes be a successful option. When playing 3 card poker, it is necessary to keep a straight head and play practically instead of playing emotionally.

A straight flush is the strongest hand in 3 card poker. Other strong hands are trips, straight, flush, pair and single. The hand rankings in this version are not same as those with other versions because for instance in other versions, a flush is considered higher than a straight. However, in 3 card poker getting a straight is much harder than getting a flush. Depending on the hands the player will have to decide whether to fold or continue playing.

Usually the casinos have an advantage of 3%. In 3 card poker even if the player does not have a hand better than the dealer, it is not necessary that the player will end up losing. 3 card poker is a game of both luck and strategy. Thus, though the strategies can improve your chances of winning, it cannot be guaranteed. There are several poker strategies and it is important to find out a strategy which suits your style.

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