The Origin of Craps

All gamblers must have tried craps once in their life. Though this game is not as popular as other casino games like poker, blackjack and roulette, it can be found usually in most casinos and is quite a refreshing and fun game. The game is thousands of years old and has gradually evolved over the years. This article will take a look into the interesting history of this game.

Dice games have been a common form of entertainment since the time of the ancient Egyptian empires. The game of craps can trace its origin all the way to the ancient Arab games which inspired a game called “Hazard” which was said to have been invented by Sir William of Tyre. According to the popular legends his knights used to play this game for spending their time when they lay siege to the castle of “Hazarath”.

In England, the game became extremely popular, which is evident from its frequent mention in the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. The original land based luxurious casinos in England during the 17th century offered the game of Hazard to the noble men and the high classes.

The game soon reached France and it was the French who changed the name to “craps”. This name is supposed to come from craps which indicated a pair of ones. During the 19th century the game spread to America and it was there that a much simplified version of the game came into existence. In the United States the game was first seen in the famous riverboats of the Mississippi. The entertainment value of the game and the risk loving nature of the Americans soon turned it into a popular entertainment option.

It was John H Winn who made the game more popular by enabling the players to either bet with the shooter and against the shooter. Because of this new development, playing with a crooked dice, a scam hampering the game was done away with. It was John H Winn who gave rise to the modern version of craps.

In the modern day craps is a popular game. It is found in almost all the land based casinos. Coming of the online casinos was another step forward for craps. Many online casinos offer the game, making it more accessible, thus increasing its popularity among the gambling crowd. From the time of its invention thousands of years ago till the present day, the game has continuously evolved and has managed to capture the players interest.

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