Craps Trivia

If you love fast passed casino games then one of the best choices is the game of craps. Though compared to some of the other casino games it is not as popular, but the game is very refreshing and thrilling. You will always find a craps table surrounded by excited players who are shouting and yelling. Playing craps is not very difficult; with little practice and patience you can easily master the game. Here are some interesting trivia about the game.

Craps is a game involving pair of dices. The opposite sides i.e. the top and the bottom of the dices will always give a sum of 7. For example, 1 and 6 are opposite to each other which adds up to 7 and 2 and 5 are also opposite to each other adding up to 7.

A dice can be rotated in such a manner that numbers 1 to 3 come to view one after the other and the numbers 4 to 6 come in rotation. This fact is used as an anti-cheating measure by the casinos so that they know the dices in the game has not being tampered with.

Dices with round or curved corners are not used by the casinos in a craps game. The modern dices have square corners and manufactured in such a way that they have high tolerance level.

In craps throwing the dices in air before shooting is considered bad luck but throwing one of the dices is acceptable. Also throwing a penny below the craps table is supposed to bring good luck during the game.

Referring to “seven” by its name during a game of craps is considered bad luck. So it is usually known as the “big red”.

The most common bet in a game of craps is the pass line bet. Many players learn only that bet while many players stick to that bet only.

All the bets in a craps game have house advantages. The lowest house advantages are on the pass line, dont pass line, place 6 and place 8 and by 4 and 10.

The stickmans in the craps games have their own style; some of them even invent new calls for different dice combinations. However, most of the calls are well established in America and use common terminologies like “yo”, “snake eye”, “little Joe”, “skate and donate” and “skinny dugan” amongst many others.

These are just few of the many interesting trivia about craps which not only makes interesting read but also increase understanding about the game.

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