Craps Etiquette

Everyone must have heard about the game of craps even if some of you might not have tried playing it. Though not as popular as some of the other casino games like roulette and blackjack, craps is actually a very fun and refreshing game. It is not a difficult game to learn, all you need is some patience and practice. However, whichever game is being played, there are some rules and etiquette associated with the game. The present article will discuss some of the etiquette related to craps.

Craps is played with a pair of dice and in dice games dice etiquette should be followed by all the players. The dice should be thrown gently so that the chips are not hit or it does not fall off the table.

When playing a game of craps, which involves other players, it is important to be polite and respect the other players. The bets should be placed in a polite manner. In craps there are two ways of placing the bets, i.e. while some of the bets are placed on behalf of the player; in others the players place the bets themselves. Dont pass, pass line, odd bets, come bets and field bets are placed by the players themselves. To place the bets it is important to be courteous and get the attention of the dealer and then tell him what bet you want to place. Also, seeking advice or giving advice to fellow players in the middle of an ongoing game is not looked up favorably and is considered rude.

Another important etiquette is to know the timing for placing bets during the game. When the shooter is about to roll the dice is not the time to place the wager; also do not place your hands on the table when high hands are being called. Since other players are also involved in the game, you should not slow the game down unnecessarily.

A good tipper is always appreciated. The dealers should be tipped generously as they play an important role in the games. Instead of directly tipping the dealers, you can also place a wager in the dealers name; also make sure the bet you place for the dealers is not a miserly bet. It is important to keep the dealers happy and satisfied as they conduct the whole game.

So, the next time you play craps at a land based live casino, make sure to remember these etiquette.

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