The Origin of blackjack

Blackjack is a popular casino game and now it is found in almost all the casinos “both online and offline. However, there are some debates over the origin of the game. Some people believe that the origin of the game can be traced back to the time before Christ was born, however, most people believe that the game originated about 600 years ago. But whatever be its date of origin, the fact is that the game has evolved over hundreds years and this process of evolution is still going on.

According to one of the theories of origin of blackjack, the game can trace its origin to 700 B.C. when Europe was occupied by the Romans. Without doubt, during those early years, the game of blackjack was very different from its present form. The Romans used blocks of woods to play which were assigned a numerical value to play the game.

According to the more popular theory, the origin of modern day blackjack was in France in the 15th century. The cards that are now used in the games in the modern times were created by John Guttenburg in 1440. During the 18th century blackjack was known by the name 21 and was popular among the French aristocracy. There would be several rounds in the game and the main objective of the players would be to get the score of 21.

It was during the late 1800s that the game entered America. Initially the name 21 was retained and was played in gambling halls. Initially the game did not become an instant hit with the players. In order to increase popularity of the game many of the casinos began to offer bonuses for some particular hands. The name blackjack was inspired by the hand consisting of aces of spades and jacks of spades or club.

Soon over time blackjack became increasingly popular in by 1930s it was one of the most popular casino games in Las Vegas. With the popularity of the internet, the online casinos came about and revolutionized the game. Now blackjack can be found in all the online casinos. The online blackjack games also added new varieties to the game. In online blackjack games the basic rules of the games remained same though some minor alterations were made to adjust to the new medium. Now, apart from the computer operated games, many of the online casinos are also offering live online blackjack games which bring together the best of land based and online blackjack games.

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