Fun Facts about Blackjack

Most people know the different rules and strategies about a game of blackjack but how many of you know the interesting facts and trivia about the game? Many may think that these facts are not important but in reality, these are not only fun but also helps to have a better understanding of this popular game.

  • A push in blackjack game refers to a tie situation between the player and the dealer. The player neither wins nor loses.
  • If a players card combination is more than 21, it is a bust and the player loses the game.
  • A player who gives generous tips to the dealers is called George. It is a compliment. Players who give big tips are very popular among the dealers. In order to be a George, a player need not play huge bets; he just needs to tip generously.
  • In case of an insurance, the player cannot make any profit; he can merely protect the bet he has made in case the dealer hits a jackpot.
  • If a player is gets a pair of aces, then he should split them. It does not matter what upcard the dealer has.
  • In the 19th century blackjack was banned in America. During that time though it was played, it was done in a hidden manner. It was only during 1939 when Nevada removed the ban, blackjack gained popularity in the casinos of Las Vegas.
  • Edward O. Thorp, in his book Beat the Dealer was one of the first persons who explained the card counting strategies in a detailed manner. He is often known as the father of counting cards in the world of blackjack. After the publication of the book, the game gained immense popularity and all the players began to test the different cad counting strategies. However, the casinos soon altered the rules to deal with the situation.
  • Al Franesco is famous for inventing the blackjack team play. It was after this many card counting teams were formed, including the card counting team from MIT. It was this famous MIT team which inspired the Hollywood movie 21.
  • In Barona Casino in San Diego California, there is a Blackjack Hall of Fame. All those players who are featured in this Hall of Fame are rewarded with a free room and free food and drinks for the rest of their life; however they are never allowed to play Blackjack in the casino.
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