Blackjack Variations

Blackjack can trace its origin back to France in 1700s. Over the years blackjack has gained immense popularity and has a faithful fan following which includes players of all ages. Apart from the land based casinos, blackjack can now be found in the different online casinos. Just like most other casino games, blackjack also has several variations.

Traditional blackjack is the easiest and simplest variation of the game. In regular blackjack, only one deck of cards is used and the players and the dealer follow the same rules. After the cards are dealt to the players, they can choose between different options like stand, hit, bust, split or double down. The payout in regular blackjack is 1.5:1.

Online blackjack has introduced several interesting variations in the game. In the online multiplayer game the player can play against other players from different parts of the globe. These games are live games and not the mere computer operated blackjack games. Playing blackjack online offers the players several advantages and a wide variety of betting options. In the online blackjack games the players also get interesting tips from time to time.

When playing multi hand blackjack, the players can play up to 5 hands simultaneously. This is usually played by advanced and experienced players and can be really exciting.

Another variation of this famous game is the bonus player blackjack. It is similar to the regular blackjack game where the cards have to have a value of 21 or a value as close to 21 as possible. However, in bonus blackjack, the players can place side bets as well. This little variation makes the game interesting and fun.

Another version of online version of the game is called 888. In this version of blackjack the player can play the game against two other players live. This gives the players the feel as if they are playing the game in a real live casino. In 888, three players can play simultaneously in the Public Tables. On the other hand, in the Private Tables the players can opt to play with other players or not. A Group Table allows the players to play with players of their choice.

So, there is a blackjack variation for all kinds of players. Whether you are looking for something relaxing or something which is exciting, there is a variation for everyone. Whatever kind of blackjack your opt to play, make sure to know the rules very well before investing your money.

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