Blackjack Trivia

Blackjack is a game which most people know how to play. You can find blackjack in all the land based casinos as well as in the online casinos. It is not a very difficult game to learn, the rules might seem complicated at first but once you get accustomed to the game, it is a very exciting and thrilling one which involves both luck and skills. This article will discuss about some interesting facts about the game.

Two of the terms used in blackjack have been borrowed from the game of baseball “ it is “first base” and “third base”. First base indicates the position which is on the left of the dealer while third base is the position on the right.

Blackjack can trace its origin to early France, though many people argue that it was the Italians who invented the game. The game is more than 500 years old. Napoleon of France was very fond of the game. When he was in exile in Elba and St. Helena, he used to spend a lot of his time playing blackjack.

The name “blackjack” was given to this game during the 1900s. During that time a bonus was given to the players if they got an ace of spades along with jack of spades or club. Thus, the name “blackjack” eventually originated. It was also known as 21.

According to statistical analysis, the players have more chances of losing if when they double down. But double down is also popular among the players because if the player wins, he can win twice the betting amount. So, it is considered a good strategy for the long run. Also, according to statistics, insurance is considered a cowardly. Only if you are good at card counting and you know that the dealer has a blackjack, insurance is a good step.

Those blackjack games which involves lesser decks of cards are more advantageous for the players. This is because the chances of getting blackjack increases as well as the chances of winning double downs. Most of the casinos know this and to balance things out the rules for the blackjack games with fewer decks have different rules.

Those players who are interested in counting cards, then the “third base” is the most advantageous position.

These are some interesting trivia about blackjack. Most people may know the rules of the game but there are very few people who know these interesting and useful facts.

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