Basic Blackjack Terms To Learn

One of the most popular games in the casinos, both online and offline is blackjack. The game is a very interesting one, though the rules may seem a little complicated to beginners, with little patience and practice the players can easily master this entertaining game. For beginners, learning the rules of the game is not enough; the players also have to know the different terms and terminologies that are used specifically in blackjack. Some of the basic terms used are as follows:

  • Anchorman “ it refers to the player who sits next to the dealers right. He is the last person in a round of blackjack.
  • Blackjack “ Blackjack is the natural winning hand which consists of the Ace card and a card worth 10 points.
  • Bust “ it happens when the value of a players hand exceeds twenty one; when this happens, the player automatically loses.
  • Card counting “ card counting is considered a very valuable skill in blackjack games. It means keeping a track of the card values which are dealt out at the table.
  • Card counter “ a card counter is generally an expert player who can track the cards which are dealt out. Becoming a skilled card counter takes a lot of practice.
  • Barring a player “ when a casino does not allow a player to play a game, it is called barring a player.
  • Double down “ in the game the players are given the option to double their bet when there is one more card coming. This is betting option is called “double down”.
  • Early surrender “ the players are given the option to surrender or give up half of the betted amount when the dealer checks for a blackjack.
  • First baseman “ it is the term given to the player who sits on the dealers left side. He is the first player and starts the game.
  • Hard total “ a hard hand is one where the value of ace is taken as 1 or where there is no ace at all.
  • Hole card “ it refers to the dealers card which is yet unseen.
  • Push “ it refers to the situation when a tie takes place between the player and dealer and there are no winners or losers.
  • Soft total “ it refers to a hand in which the value of ace is taken as 11.
  • Stiff hand “ a hand whose value lies between twelve and sixteen and where is a possibility of a bust on addition of a 10 point card.