Bingo Rules Explained

The rules of bingo vary from one location to another. The game of bingo is easy to learn and is also very interesting. Hence, its popularity soared from the time of its invention. Today, bingo is not only played in the halls but, also online. Since, there are different rules for different bingo games, it is essential to first learn the rules before you sit down to play a particular bingo game.

Basically the game starts when the tickets or bingo cards have been purchased. There is an array of bingo cards available. It is a 5×5 grid card. The five columns in the bingo card correspond to the five letters of the word B-I-N-G-O. The numbers are structured in a haphazard manner. If its an American Bingo the numbers will range from 1-75 and if its a British or Australian Bingo the numbers will range from 1-90.

The numbers are called out randomly and the game continues till one person reaches one or more of the bingo pattern. Usually the bingo pattern comprises of a line which may be vertical, horizontal, diagonal or may even be full house. However, the type of pattern varies from one hall to another, from one place to another. Each bingo card has 24 numbers and one free space that is left empty. The numbers in the column are organised in the following manner; in the “B” column, 1 to 15; in the “I” column, 16 to 30; in the “N” column, 31 to 45; in the “G” column, 46 to 60 and in the “O” column, 61 to 75.

When the caller starts announcing the number, make sure you remain alert, quickly search the announced number and mark them with a marker pen on the card. Keep checking of a possible pattern that may come up anytime. Make sure you do not overlook any pattern. You will miss a chance to win big time. As soon as the number is announced, mark the number on your ticket distinctively.

Players have thousands of bingo cards to choose from. In some casinos you are even allowed to choose the type of card you want. Brochures are available in most of the casinos and they will acquaint you of the bingo rules.

Bingo is a game loved by people of all ages. Even children are seen playing bingo at homes and in social gatherings. The online sites are doing a commendable job in popularizing it with many advantages to its credits.

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