The Different Types of Baccarat

Though many people do not play baccarat because of the high stakes involved in the game, it is actually a very interesting and fun game to play. Though the rules of the game are simple, this game of chance is not for the weak hearted. Origin of the game can be traced back to early France and over all these years the game has undergone several modifications. Several versions of baccarat can be found in the casinos.

The early version of baccarat played in Franc was known as Chemin de fer, fondly called chemmy. The name is supposed to refer to the movement of the card holder from one bank to the other. In this version of baccarat, the banker could only place a wager on his own hand and had to pay the rest of the players. In this the house took a 5% commission on the banks wins.

In Baccarat en banque version, a casino dealer conducts the game and handles the bank function. The players do not pass the bank function amongst themselves. In this version the bank does not have to follow the third card rule and can either draw or stand.

A fun and popular version of baccarat is mini baccarat. This game is liked by many players as the atmosphere in this version is more relaxed and informal compared to traditional baccarat games. The players have three betting options “ they can bet on the bank, tie or himself. The game is conducted by the dealer who deals out the cards; all the players have to do is to decide where to bet. If the bank hand wins, a 5% commission has to be paid to the casino. The minimum betting limits in this version is lower than the traditional baccarat games.

European baccarat the role of bank is taken over by the casino dealer. The bank can chose to stand or withdraw and is not bound to any third card rules. In the present day, with the advancement of technology, online baccarat has become extremely popular amongst the players. Because of the several added advantages, it is favored by the players. The rules of online baccarat are more or less similar to those of the land based baccarat games but there might be slight changes in order to adapt to the different medium of play.

However, in spite of all these different versions, the basic rules of the different versions do remain more or less same.

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