One of the glamorous of all the casino games is baccarat. The game can be found in almost all the casinos and usually the baccarat playing area is separated from the rest of the casino floor. The game is considered to be a game of the rich and wealthy people of the society. Earlier because of the air of exclusivity, many players felt intimidated to play baccarat but the coming of online baccarat games have definitely increased its accessibility.

Learning to play baccarat is not a very difficult thing to do. The two basic styles of playing baccarat are the full pit version and the mini version. The full pit version of baccarat involves about 12 players and other members who represent the house and focus mainly on the deals and bets. As the name suggests, the mini version involves only around 6 to 7 players and is more relaxed in nature. Most people prefer to play mini baccarat because of its lower betting amount and relaxed atmosphere.

The main objective in baccarat is to have a hand whose value is as close to 9 as possible or a perfect 9. The two types of hand in any game of baccarat; it is the players hand and the bankers hand. The player has to make a bet on which of the hands will win. After the players place their bets, for each of the hands, two cards are dealt.

In baccarat each of the cards are assigned a value and the value of a hand is determined by adding the cards in a hand. The cards with numerical value between 2 and 9 are worth their face values while all face cards and cards with numerical value 10 are worth zero while ace is worth 1 point. A hand in baccarat can have only two to three cards.

There are different kinds of betting options in baccarat. The players can bet among 3 possibilities – betting on the players hand, bankers hand or a tie. Baccarat also involves several passive players who bet on either of the betting options.

The baccarat table also has a simple layout which reflects the simplicity of the game. Each side of baccarat table consists of seven positions which are numbered from 1 to 15. However, it is not unusual to find a table without number 13 as it is considered an unlucky number thus excluded from this game of luck. The rules in internet baccarat are also more or less the same, with only some minor differences.