Live roulette on Playtech

As you know roulette is a game of chance where the outcome is based on where the ball lands when the roulette wheel stops spinning. Roulette is, as it is, one of the most popular casino games because most people dont think of strategies when playing the game. It has become all the more popular now that it can be played online. And the popularity has gained more thanks to live dealer roulette. And when you think live dealer roulette you have to think of Playtech.

Most of the top online casinos that are powered by Playtech offer live dealer roulette for you to play. Some of the prominent names include William Hill, Titan Casino, Supercasino and Bet365. You get almost the same experience of roulette in live dealer roulette as you get when you are in an actual casino.

The online casinos that offer live dealer roulette have their studios from where the games are broadcast live. One of the most attractive features of these games is the line of beautiful presenters that host these games. Then you have the live dealers conducting the games from the studios. Some of the casinos offer live dealer roulette 24 by 7 and others have specific periods when the games are conducted.

Some of the casinos running on this system even have games that are shown on TV, they even have their own TV channels for live roulette. Bets can be made online or by calling the numbers that are advertised on the websites. The names of the winners are announced on the websites and on the TV.

Playtech is the most popular destination for live dealer roulette due to many other reasons and these reasons are primarily due to the great software applications that are designed for the games.

When you play the games you can catch the action live and also chat live with the dealer. There are multiple options for play and view and the racetrack option to check neighbor bets is also available. The games can be played online without the need for any download and a variety of bets are possible. Usually 30 seconds is the interval between spins where you can place your bets. And of course, you have excellent customer service available to you all the time.

Enjoy live dealer roulette at Playtech and you will not look for any other website.

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