Famous Personalities in the World of Gambling

Gambling has a long history and there are several players who have become famous because of their contributions in this sector and their activities in this sector.

One such famous gambler was John Montagu, who was the Earl of Sandwich. John Montague was known for his scandalous personal life and love for gambling. Once in 1762, he spent over 24 continuous hours at the gambling table in his home and refused to eat. In a desperate attempt when one of his servants offered him a slice of salted beef, he asked the servant to wrap it between bread slices so that he can have it without leaving the table and with his hand. Interestingly, this is how the name sandwich originated.

One of the most well known gamblers of the West was Doc Holliday. He was known for his excessive drinking and violent ways. The reason why may people still remember his is because he took part in the famous gunfight of O.K. Corral with Wyatt Earp.

Wild Bill Hickok was an American legend and is known for the violent stories surrounding his life. In his life he had made several enemies, one of whom shot him in the head while he was playing a game of poker. He died on the poker table holding a pair of eights and pair of Aces. Since then, this hand has come to be come to be known as “Dead Man’s hand.

Benny Binion, born in 1904, lived most of his life as a conman and bootlegger. Later he gave up this life and opened a casino in the city of Las Vegas. It was in the 1970s that he marketed the World Series Poker tournament, which is now one of the biggest tournaments in the gambling world.

Kerry Packer is also a well known name in the world of gambling. He was a magazine owner whose family media empire owned majority of the magazines in Australia. Soon Packer also came to be known as one of the high stake gamblers. One of his most famous wins was at MGM Grand in Vegas where he won $26 million in a game of blackjack. However, like his wins, he has also lost great amounts like$1.5 millions at Crockfords Casino in London.

Several other players like Johnny Chan became famous after their successes in the World Series of Poker Tournament. Also known as Ε“The Great Wall of China, he has taken part in most of the major games and won two World Championships consecutively.

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